2/3/20 My site is live!!!!!!

As of today my website is live. I'm not sure when I will start back up with my DJ schedule again. I'm sort of on hiatus here until I can get all my shit together. I'm hoping this site helps generate more listeners.

On a side note, if you find silly articles or stories, send them to me at and I might just read them during a show. Also, I need some feedback on my show schedule. Is it not convenient for the majority? Let me know things. I won't get nasty......I promise.

What I have planned for future shows...

I want to do an 80s show that I will title Back to School. I will include some hair bands, of course.

I'm thinking of doing a Motown and Disco show, if listeners want it.

If you have suggestions for future shows, let me know your thoughts.

I am always looking for music to add to my HUGE collection. If you make a request (limited by my collection), and I don't have the music, I take notes and look to acquire what my listeners want to hear. I want you all to be as much a part of my shows as I am. Without you, I'm just spinning tunes for myself and talking to myself.

Well.........that's it for now........hope to catch you on the request line.


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