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2/21/20 Yay! The radio is up!!!!!!!!

I'd like to start off by thanking Matty and his team for working tirelessly to get the radio back up and going. I will forewarn you that Auto DJ has a very limited playlist right now. We are working on that as well. Off the Beaten Track - Friday Edition is a go for tonight at 6pm Eastern. I'm not sure how much I will talk but I'm sure going to bring the music.

Star Trek Picard really doesn't disappoint. No spoilers here. It's getting really good and doing for me what I wished Star Trek Discovery would have done. I just can't get in to Discovery. I know. I'm a bad fan. My friend, Bermy, would be disappointed. When we get together, it always ends up a big geekfest about the cons of the 90s and all. Those were some really good times. I was working a lot then and missed a great many of them, too. Now I think going to a cosplay con would be so cool. I just don't do the crowds anymore. I'd love to go to ComiCon but talk about crowds. Julie and I aren't cut out for the crowds anymore. And I'd never go anywhere cool like that without bringing her with me. Oh......speaking of cool.......There is going to be a Monet exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and Julie and I are going. It will be in the summer some time. And no, we are not driving to or in Boston. Fuck that! We will take the bus, since the train isn't looking convenient. We are soooooo looking forward to that. We will make a day in Boston out of it. Well, the South side anyway.

At the end of April, Julie and I will be seeing Melissa Ferrick live at the Iron Horse Music Hall. She really does a good show. She is a true Bard. The Iron Horse is a rather small venue making this one of Melissa's more intimate shows. She does a meet and greet after the show with anyone wanting pics or autographs and she usually has CDs for sale. I'm hoping to remember to bring cash so we can get a signed CD and a few pics. Also, a really cool lesbian band has been introduced to me called Lez Zeppelin. All lesbian band. Feel the pride! I'm hoping they venture out our way. I think Julie would like the show. I have no other music news, yet. I still haven't read all my news for the day.


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