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12/22/20 Update........

Hello my padawans. It has been forever since I have just blogged here. I hope that during this awful pandemic that everyone is staying safe. We have been hermits. Watching plenty of tv and things.

As for me, depression just hangs on and it's rough some days.....really rough. I have been watching a lot of reruns on Pluto TV. It's free cuz it has commercials. I'm finding it difficult to embrace newer stuff lately. I go about things but I struggle.

There have been major losses since the pandemic hit. Family and friends just keep losing loved ones. I now know of a few people who have passed from it. But it isn't just Covid anymore...the usual things are taking its usual number of lives as well. So the numbers are really higher. I worry for family and friends now more than ever. Please everyone...Stay Safe!!!

It's funny but I have really missed DJing. I was back in my element Sunday night. I'm looking forward to Tuesday. The plan is to get started at 4pm Eastern time...Go about 5 hours but maybe 3 depending on my eyes and all. Lately the screen has really been taking a toll. I'm hoping to get back into the newer TV as well. I really miss The Big Bang Theory. But I can't wait for Married at First Sight in January. I have missed The Resident as well and I'm hoping that it isn't totally gone. Oh...on a really happy Sci-Fi note, Star Trek : Discovery and Star Trek : Picard will be coming to Netflix. I'm going to give Discovery another chance. IMO Picard was fantastic. And the Quentin Tarrantino Star Trek movie...rated a thing now from what I have read. This should be interesting. I'm not sure what to expect except a bunch of cussing and a bloodbath of some sort. I need to catch up on The Mandalorian before I get spoilers, too. I'm looking forward to the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. I heard rumors of Darth Maul coming back as well. They have lots of Star Wars in the works. Let's hope they let the fans create and write it or at least have a few famous Star Wars geeks on staff. If nothing else.....please consult Jon Favreau. IMHO The Mandalorian is way better than the last 3 movies. I'm so looking forward to Picard. I thought that was well done as well. The characters were really good except I don't like how Rafi calls Picard," JL". That bugs me. I read somewhere they are going to try and revive Firefly and True Blood.

OK.....I have my coffee and I have news to read. So......Tune in Tuesday at 4pm Eastern to I will be taking requests and things and I might have an interesting or silly story or two to talk about.

May the Force be with you!

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