4/8/21 All Vaxed and ready to hang out with humans again.

I have a rather eclectic rock and roll show thrown together for tonight. I say thrown because this was a rather seat of my pants throw together. Sometimes my shows are so carefully thought out and planned. Not this one. Now I'm very likely going to move to Thursdays permanently so as not to mess up Cat Lady's Scammer shows. Now I have been playing a little game during my shows that we have actual prizes for now. So if I say it's for a prize and you know me and we will get your prize out to you. I'm trying very hard to be interactive. And to get word of mouth about my shows out there. I love taking requests and making dedications and doing little shout outs. I do apologize for not always being the best improviser but I do try. So....Join me tonight at 6pm Eastern for a fun time. #offthebeatentrack #thursdayedition #DJJedi #musicislife

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