4/6/21 I get my 2nd Vax tomorrow........

Hopefully this blog finds you well and soon to be vaxed. Or already vaxed. We have to make a bit of a road trip for my vaxes. So we make a day of it and it will be a nice day for a drive. This pandemic has been so mind blowing. People infected and people lost. It's been rough on us all. We have seen increases in cases and cases of lots of other things as well as a result of this "stay at home" stuff. I just wanted to let my Padawans know that I am doing very well amidst this pandemic. Things are really looking up for The Jedi. I'm very blessed. Now today at 4pm Eastern will be a rock and roll show. Let's make it a great one. I will be playing my game for which there will be actual prizes. Don't expect anything extravagant. #offthebeatentrack #tuesdayedition #DJJedi #musicislife

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4/15/21. We have news..

Jules and I have news that I shall reveal as time goes on. But tonight has rock and roll and fun and games......hope you tune in.

4/13/21 I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night.......

I have a great rock and roll show planned to start at 4pm Eastern. Join me for some great tunes and a contest. I have a game I play during my shows where I play theme songs and you guess the TV show

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