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4/17/20 How much is too much?

Lock down day #........hell I don't know anymore. I put together a show I hope I can gather some of you to listen. I still don't have the funny stories......but everyone is staying home. How is your lock down going? Ready to tear your hair out? Or maybe you got your stimulus check and you're happy (for now). Still waiting for mine.

Well.......since around Christmas, I have been having peapod deliver my groceries. It's been good until all this fucking insanity happened. I have compiled my list for the store. I have tons of just incomplete meals everywhere. I have my N95 mask and my purell. I will complete my shopping then maybe get more for common meals with Julie. I was looking forward to my crock pot chili, but none of the ingredients made it. Just the cornbread mix. I really was hoping that I wouldn't have to go out. We need tp, too. I doubt I can convince her to go to Big Y vs. Stop and Shop. Most likely not because of Stop and Shop being so close to Walgreens.

I'm not finding the online D&D like I had hoped. I'm still not really out there in the RPG community either. It's a process I guess.

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