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4/13/21 I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night.......

I have a great rock and roll show planned to start at 4pm Eastern. Join me for some great tunes and a contest. I have a game I play during my shows where I play theme songs and you guess the TV show or movie the theme song is from. Stumpers get prizes. Yes......real actual prizes. So far my stumpers have stumped all. I have a special little nugget included today with a full 12 minute interview by Chris Cornell. Gone way too soon.'s a nasty bitch. I can tell you first hand. It robs you of your confidence and drive no matter how talented you are. #offthebeatentrack #tuesdayedition #DJJedi #musicislife

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4/15/21. We have news..

Jules and I have news that I shall reveal as time goes on. But tonight has rock and roll and fun and games......hope you tune in.