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3/29/20 Easy Listening Sunday.......

Well good news.......the radio is is up. I will be doing my show barring any techy unforeseen circumstances. I tried to throw some pandemic songs in there. Easy Listening Sunday Pandemic Style! Maybe you can kick back with a nice beverage of your choosing and just relax to some oldies and some not so oldies. As usual, I will take requests. I won't limit them to easy listening as this is a pandemic and it's madness.....let the tunes reflect your madness.

Now.....I have the last episode of Picard to watch and I have an episode of The Resident to catch up on. I have a few movies as well. Since the last round of dTMS, I have had a bit more interest in watching TV. Not sure if it is enough to watch Tiger King. We shall see. How is everyone out there faring in these times? It's a bit scary here as I don't think we've seen the worst of it yet.

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