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3/10/20 Off the Beaten Track - Tuesday Edition

Hello My Padawans!!!!!! The show will start at 4pm Eastern. I'm sorry about Sunday, but I just needed a break. It happens sometimes. And since listener numbers have been so low, I figured it was ok to skip. The show today doesn't seem as rockin' as some have been. As usual, I will be taking requests. Get them to me however you can. I will do my best to get them on. There hasn't been much in music news that I have seen recently. A producer passed away. Unfortunately google isn't showing me the name which slips my mind right now. But he worked with Fleetwood Mac and some other big names.

So......tell me......can you find toilet paper where you live? This is just crazy. I was able to get a big bottle of hand sanitizer. I only bought one bottle. I'm not going to go nuts here. Washing your hands well is still your best bet. But I keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on my backpack. I use the big bottle to refill it.

I have been talking with some friends. It seems there are mixed reviews of Star Trek Picard. I'm loving it. It's edgy imo. For a Next Gen knock off anyway. Yes, there are some characters that I just don't like. But I don't think we're meant to like them. I'm liking the guest stars. The story is interesting. The main characters are all decent far as relatability and stuff. There is a ship and a crew. They are rather motley and really likable that way.

On a side note, all that fraudulent charges on my debit card stuff has been resolved and in my favor......but it was rather obvious I wasn't in Houston. Got some things for the apartment. Furnishing has been slow going. And we still need some outdoor chairs and a little table for the balcony. I did get us a really nice living room lamp. We're hoping Jinx doesn't damage it.

Well.....I guess that's all for today. Stay safe and wash your hands.........


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