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2/20/20 The time it takes to get an actual human

All our representatives are busy assisting other members. Please stay on the line. Your call is important to us. We appreciate your patience. Then that God awful jazz dive lounge horn riff repeating over and over. It's the muzak in Hell I tell ya. That has been my evening because I still have not received the dispute paperwork from my bank. At least I have a fax number and can most likely fax the dispute paperwork back the day it comes. Fingers crossed everybody.

OK enough with the bitching for now. The Resident on Fox is getting really good. If you haven't seen this show, you're missing out. It's worth the time to go back and watch from the beginning. The writers are brilliant IMHO. I'm a sucker for a good medical drama. Star Trek Picard doesn't fail either. I'm gearing up to watch episode 5 here at some point tonight. Julie and I are eagerly awaiting the 2nd season of L Word Generation Q which has quite some time before it comes out (8 episode seasons.....don't get me started). I have so many shows to catch up on and so many movies to watch. Joker is getting mixed reviews amongst my friends. Oh and I read an obituary on John Hensen. Jim Hensen's son and he was only like 48. I have no idea when Hell's Kitchen is going to air. From what I have read, the season was completed ages ago but just sits in limbo. There are a couple of reality shows that I like because they just crack me up. One is called My Big Fat Fabulous Life. It's on TLC. And it highlights the life of this woman Whitney Thore and her family and friends. The other is called Dating #NoFilter and it's on E!. The dating show features a lot of same sex couples and has these comedians commenting in the peanut gallery. Well.......I think that's enough about the rest of my twisted tv line up for another blog.

I have Ozzy's new album in my hot little hands and gave it a listen last night. I like it and will definitely be adding some songs in my shows. I had read somewhere that Sharon was thinking of doing a biopic on Ozzy. I think that would be a kick ass project. No one ever talks of his show from back at the turn of century. I loved that show. They were always up to something. And Sharon really made a name for herself over the years.

OK now what you've all been waiting for..........the status of Mello Radio. It is back up and I have a player on the home page of my website. For some reason the radiobot that runs the radio is working for Matty but not for me. For those of you who don't know, Matty is the one who owns and runs the radio. Anyway.....he works F/T and lives across the pond so sometimes it is hard to coordinate troubleshooting things. Hopefully Easy Listening Sunday will be a go.

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