2/2/21 Off the Beaten Track

Hello there.......Today will be a go. I think 5pm Eastern. I have about 4 hours thrown together. I collected a bunch of cover songs yesterday which I hope to feature as long as they work. So join me for some rock and roll. #offthebeatentrack #tuesdayedition #DJJedi #musicislife

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2/26/21 Vaccine? Yeah but can ya sign up?

I'll make this short and sweet. At 6pm Eastern I'm taking the stream and doing some DJ Jedi rock and roll. So Join me. And if you can.......register for your vaccine. The sooner we all get vaccina

2/16/21 Rock and roll..........

Well we have a good rock and roll show planned and requests are welcomed. I'm sorry to all who missed the memorial show on Saturday. You can always dedicate a song during any show and get a shout ou

2/5/21 We do it Pandemic style......

Are your areas getting vaccinated? They are rolling it out here. i hope everyone gets one soon. As for a radio show? How about tonight at 6pm Eastern? Be here at 6pm Eastern and I'll take requests

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