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2/19/20 Added a Links page

To go along with wanting this to be more about me "The Person" and not just me "The DJ", I have decided to add links to things that interest me. I plan to expand it a bit as time goes on. I want it to include a bit of everything. I know such a lofty goal.

I have recently been the victim of some fraud. My debit card was frozen and I'm in the process of getting things straightened out. What a huge Pain in the ass. Just glad my bank flagged the charges as questionable. It took me about an hour of being on hold with this God awful repeating horns riff. If there is music in Hell, I think that's it.

Speaking of music...the radio is still down but I'm planning something soon. I will try to give enough notice so people can tune in. Bringing the music to you makes me feel good. And if you hear something you have never heard before or a song from long ago that sparks a good memory then my night is made.

Ozzy's new album is due to be released any day now if it hasn't happened already. I'm looking forward to that. With the Parkinson's and the canceling of No More Tours 2 (he says it's just postponed but all ticket holders were granted full refunds) it's nice to get some new Ozzy.

To the Star Wars fans out there who have not seen The yourself a favor. It is quality Star Wars. And Clone Wars season 7. It's an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. There is some quality sci-fi out there now. Not just in the Star Wars universe. Star Trek Picard is just awesome. I'm just hoping it's not one of these 8 episode seasons. Those are bullshit IMHO. Loyal fans deserve more than 8 episodes a year. Are ya with me? I'll get off my soap box. my blog is random a bit.......kinda like me. Well, my whole purpose in making this website with blog and all is for there to be an exchange of ideas and things. How can I improve my shows? Are there things you think I should be doing? Do I talk too much or not talk enough? Are 5 hour shows just too long? Are there still people out there who don't know that you don't need a computer to can use your phone? How do I get my name and website "out there"? Now mind you, I'm not looking for any financial gain from this. I do this purely out of my love to share music with others.

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