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2/18/20 Mello Radio is still down

I am going to be talking to the powers that be about the radio. The server was getting updated and I'm not sure what else but the guys were doing updates and things. I'll get a show together just in case 4pm is a go. Remember these are all Eastern time USA.

On a side note, I'm trying to add a links page of various things I think people might enjoy checking out. This site is more than just about me and my DJ thing. I want this site to be about me The Person, too. I want you to be able to come here and see all that I'm up to and all the trouble I'm making or not making.

Things have been very up in the air lately and I'm trying to get back on a regular schedule. I'm hoping as things get a bit more regular, we can get this to be more interactive.

My latest project was a recipe message board and I can't get the URL to post here so I'm sorry but it's not up for the looking. I have other projects in the works as well and look forward to sharing those as they go live and stuff.

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