1/8/21 What has this world come to?

While the rest of the country is erupting in chaos, tune in to DJ Jedi and my little rock and roll show. Do you need a respite from the world? Is the state of our nation bringing you down? Give DJ Jedi a listen. Find me online here and make a request. Easiest way to get me is if you have me online or have my number to text.

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6/3/21 goes so fast.......

OK.....I must let you all know. This summer my shows may not be consistent. We have a vehicle now and Covid is relaxing a bit. We are getting vaxed and all. We will be visiting friends and family

5/25/21 Sing to me.....oh Gods of rock

I will have a show at 4pm Eastern. Due to Covid vaccines being more readily taken etc. and most states lifting restrictions my shows may only be 1 day a week through the summer and some weeks no sh

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Off the Beaten Track.........Tuesday Edition is going at 4pm Eastern today. I hope you join me for some rock and roll. I take requests and all that and I will playing my theme song game. The stumpe