1/8/21 What has this world come to?

While the rest of the country is erupting in chaos, tune in to DJ Jedi and my little rock and roll show. Do you need a respite from the world? Is the state of our nation bringing you down? Give DJ Jedi a listen. Find me online here and make a request. Easiest way to get me is if you have me online or have my number to text.

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4/15/21. We have news..

Jules and I have news that I shall reveal as time goes on. But tonight has rock and roll and fun and games......hope you tune in.

4/13/21 I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night.......

I have a great rock and roll show planned to start at 4pm Eastern. Join me for some great tunes and a contest. I have a game I play during my shows where I play theme songs and you guess the TV show

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