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1/15/21 80s Dance Party tonight!!!!!!!!

At 8pm Eastern, I will be hosting a fun 80s party. Let's dance the night away. Get your beverages chilled in anticipation. Please all tune in to

It's time to throwback a bit and relive those younger days. The days when we partied like it was 1999. Hair bands were all the rage. Heavy Metal was breaking out into its own. That really won't be featured tonight.......but a shout out to all you metalheads out there Woot Woot!!!! Keep that metal torch burning...... But tonight we want to turn our attention to the disco balls up at the ceiling. Hopefully you hear one of your old faves or request one. I will be doing requests if I have it or you can get it to me. MP3 format please.

I really want to say stay tuned here because I have some really good future stuff planned. I know I haven't been active for quite a while. It wasn't for lack of wanting to......believe me. Depression is just a very crazy illness in what it tells you and what it does to your mind, body and spirit. We are also going through some very crazy times in the world. We have this global pandemic. We have this big division in the USA. I know where I stand on things and I'm not going to use this platform to push my agenda or anything......I just want to share good music and help us all have a small sense of community in this big intimidating world we live in. So again I will ask that you tune in at 8pm tonight Eastern (US time). #80snight #fridaynightdanceparty #DJJedi #musicislife

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